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Last Employer Ads

Company Name: Nasim
Looking for: eBook Writer
Description: None
Language for Job: Urdu
Salary $/Hour : 20
Duration: No Limit
Name: Noorullah Arghastani
Company Name: Noorullah Arghastani
Looking for: Telephone Nurse
Language for Job: English
Salary $/Hour : 45
Duration: Less than one Month
Name: Sara qadeer
Company Name: Captcha. Data entry
Looking for: Data Entry
Description: Data entry
Language for Job: English
Salary $/Hour : 10
Duration: No limits
Name: Tonton Christobal
Company Name: Alvas
Looking for: Data Entry
Description: Enter Datas in a Database several hours a day
Language for Job: English
Salary $/Hour : 25
Duration: No Limit
Name: Murtala bala
Company Name: Weldering contraction and training youth
Looking for: Web Research
Description: Weldering
Language for Job: English
Salary $/Hour : 20
Duration: Months

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Last Projects

Name: Okema
NAME: DANIEL OKEMA DESCRIPTION: GRAPHIC DESIGN Hello brothers and sisters,I have a cousin sick of leukemia and in hands but too much money is needed every day.i any one has any graphics job please, I will do at any cost placed before me. I with be very great full with any help from you,may God be with you all, thank you...
Name: Foliwe
Am a hardworking individual from a comeroon and my country is facing some crisis in the anglophone region and my house was destroyed and l lost all l had , please can someone help me with any online job that can pay me amount I can manage, please help me
Name: Raman
My dream is to open my own garage, i worm as a mechanic in the town with my brother since 5 years I need very little, buy some tools, rent a little place and I can believe. Give me loan 2 or $3000 i will reimburse with interest
Name: Josua
I am a dentist ( i just begun and i get an accident last week) I need the money to survive for 6 months until i can practice again Everything from $10 000 to $20 000 will be enough Will give the money back with interest in one year...
Name: Agetembom
My name is Balebi Shukuru Alexis I live in africa in the Democratic Republic of Congo country. I am an employee looking for an online job; I am looking for Data Entry job to work full time. You can contact me for more discussions about doing this task. Thank you

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