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Last Employer Ads

Name: Arslan
Company Name: World wide
Looking for: Jobs & Resumes
Description: i explain web in youtube videos
Language for Job: Urdu
Salary $/Hour : 5
Duration: No Limit
Name: Alexander
Company Name: USA Great
Looking for: Blog Writer
Description: Enter Dats in a Database
Language for Job: English
Salary $/Hour : 16
Duration: Between 6 months and 1 Year
Name: Mediatech
Company Name: Lenovo &
Looking for: Data Entry
Description: Enter datas in our Server
Language for Job: English
Salary $/Hour : 18
Duration: No Limit
Name: Loius jason
Company Name: Halifx public library
Looking for: Translation Writer
Description: Need a good Freelancer to work on my project I pay $3200 for my project
Language for Job: English
Salary $/Hour : 0
Duration: Less than one Month
Name: Patrice Drier
Company Name: Grand Casino
Looking for: Academic Writer
Description: Enter Datas in a Database
Language for Job: English
Salary $/Hour : 12
Duration: Less than one Month

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Last Projects

Name: Muhammad
Name: Hamza Khan Company Name: pak company Looking for: Typing Content & Translating Description: I'm looking for a job which is typing contents or translating Languages for Job: English Salary $/Hour : 8 Duration: Minimum 1 day and Maximum 3 days
Name: Uber
I am retired and i decided to use my saving to help people.i live on an island and i have more than i need to li e comfortably. I can make micro loan with a good interest rate Contact me... Fill the forms Get the money!
Name: Elijah
It is an app that help you when you are lost eg will help you to find your way back can connect it to your can be speaking to you and giving you the direction of where you want to go will also help in ordering bolt etc if you do not have a car
Name: Okema
NAME: DANIEL OKEMA DESCRIPTION: GRAPHIC DESIGN Hello brothers and sisters,I have a cousin sick of leukemia and in hands but too much money is needed every day.i any one has any graphics job please, I will do at any cost placed before me. I with be very great full with any help from you,may God be with you all, thank you...
Name: Sibghat
Needs:200$ for fee My name is Ali I am a hard working student I have paid the fee if anyone wants to help plz need 200$ please help I want to study but I don't have money for fees if someone help me I can fulfill my dreams

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